The Rise of ‘Response’ Homeschooling

When Christian parents make the decision to homeschool, there are usually logical reasons that motivate this move, as well as the element of obedience to God’s leading. These reasons can be divided broadly into two categories: those that make education at home more attractive, and those that make education at school less attractive. The early

Building Confidence in Your Emergent Reader

Perhaps the most critical time that a young learner develops confidence in their reading ability (or does not develop it) is during the phase when they are often referred to as an ’emergent’ reader. An emergent reader is one who has a solid grasp of alphabet recognition and sounds, shows an understanding of story structure,

Can I Really Homeschool My Children?

For any parent the decision to homeschool can – and should – be preceded with a lot of forethought, and for the Christian, with a lot of prayer. There will be many practical issues to consider, particularly if the child(ren) in question have already been attending school when the decision to change how they are

Can A Child Read TOO Much?

Can a child read too much? Most parents are, of course, happy when their child learns to read well, and perhaps even happier to see them pick up a book instead of a smartphone or tablet. As Christian homeschoolers, we especially want to see our children start reading the Word of God for themselves, enjoying

Christian Education Curriculum

When most people think of Christian education, they think of private church-run schools. And yes, most Christian education curriculum has been developed for, and is purchased for school and classroom use. This doesn’t automatically mean that it will be unsuitable to use in a homeschool setting, but it does mean that there are some differences

“Which is the best Christian homeschooling curriculum?” (Part 3)

The third factor to consider when deciding what the best Christian homeschooling curriculum will be for your family, is not actually a curriculum program at all. It’s YOU. Christian homeschooling families have this unique secret ingredient when it comes to providing the best possible education. And it doesn’t come in hard-copy or downloadable formats. It

“Which is the best Christian homeschooling curriculum?” (Part 2)

The second most important thing to consider when asking the question “Which is the best Christian homeschooling curriculum?”, is how will those who will be using it themselves learn best: the CHILDREN? We all know that individual children have different learning styles. Most are primarily visual learners, but others learn best by hearing (auditory learners),